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Small REPL info improvement

You could browse info document from REPL (ref:info), but it showed entire info page containing the searched entry. Even though it uses the pager, it's sometimes inconvenient if the page is lengthy.

I improved it a bit by the last commit. Now (1) info function shows only the entry searched for, and (2) you can invoke info function using top-level command.

gosh> ,info filter
 -- Function: filter pred list
 -- Function: filter! pred list
     [SRFI-1] A procedure PRED is applied on each element of LIST, and
     a list of elements that PRED returned true on it is returned.
          (filter odd? '(3 1 4 5 9 2 6)) => (3 1 5 9)
     `filter!' is the linear-update variant.  It may destructively
     modifies LIST to produce the result.


If you still wants to view the entire page, info-page function does the same job as the previous info function did (I didn't make it toplevel REPL command yet.)

Tags: 0.9.5, repl

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