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Upgrading to 0.9.7

0.9.7 is out. (Noticed I didn't annouce 0.9.6 in this blog).

As described in the release notes, this release is not binary compatible---extensions must be recompiled. In case if you run a server with a bunch of Gauche extensions (like me), It's a bit of work.

In case if you forgot what extension modules you've installed, check a directory ${prefix}/share/gauche-0.9/site/lib/.packages/. It contains *.gpd files of extensions you've installed for 0.9.6 and before. For 0.9.7 and later, the gpd files are going into ${prefix}/share/gauche-0.97/site/lib/.packages/. (0.9 and 0.97 suffix in the directory name indicates ABI version.)

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