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Getting closer

Just added r7rs test suite (taken from ChibiScheme) to the repo.

About two dozens of tests fail, because of the following:

  • Lack of exact complex number support. Most of test failures, including number writer tests, are due to this. This isn't required in r7rs, but I plan to implement it anyway just for my satisfaction. (If I don't have time, though, I may put it off).
  • Behavior of 'write'---currently it works like write-circular. I'm rewriting the writer submodule and that will address this. (In the current HEAD, you may sporadically see a test failure in gauche.threads, telling assertion failure in the writer submodule. It'll be also fixed in this rewrite.)
  • Behavior of 'equal?' (this isn't tested in r7rs test suite.) --- Gauche's current implementation doesn't conform r7rs since it diverges on circular structures.
  • Feature 'r7rs' ---- I'll turn this on when above issues are addressed.

This is all I'm aware of to support r7rs. Once done, I'll call it 0.9.4.

My work project is in crunch time, though, so I can't guarantee when it'll be done.

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