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Almost there?

Just committed changes to cover R7RS-small support.

  • Exact complex numbers are not in yet. In next version, I hope.
  • Problems have been reported regarding hygienic macro-defining macros (Macros that expands to let-syntax). It's a long-standing issue, but I'm going to give one more try before releasing 0.9.4. If it turns out a lot of work to fix, though, I'll postpone it to the next version.
  • Currently, toplevel import is Gauche's by default, which is different from R7RS import. So you need -r7 option for gosh to run R7RS scripts. However, as R7RS gets adopted more widely, users would expect R7RS code just works on Gauche, so requiring -r7 option may confuse them.
    I can't change Gauche's import semantics for the backward compatibility, and I don't want to extend Gauche's import to support R7RS semantics, since those two have different functions (R7RS import ≒ Gauche's userequire + Gauche's import).
    However, I had another idea. The import issue only arises when a Scheme script uses it on toplevel. When a Scheme script is given, gosh start evaluating it in user module. So we can provide the third import form in user module, which checks its arguments and dispatch to either R7RS import or Gauche import.
  • And of course, I need to go through documents to update for R7RS.

Tags: r7rs, 0.9.4

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