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0.9.9 is out

Release notes.

What's left for 1.0?

The goal of 0.9.x releases has been to stabilize the binary API, so that after 1.0 release we can be sure that extension libraries won't break during 1.0.x series.

By now, we feel API is pretty stable; just want to make sure the exposed structure has enough information so that it won't hinder future development of various runtime analyzing tools such as debuggers.

Other than that, the items on the table so far are:

  • Full support of R7RS-Large Red and Tangerine Edition
    • This includes support of exact complex numbers
  • Tweaking continuation frame handling. We expect it to open up several pending features, such as the issue of lost stack trace ( ), support of continuation marks (srfi-157), integration of stack trace and call trace, and better inspector-debugger.

Well, it doesn't seem a lot, but you never know.

So we hope the next release to be 1.0, but it can be 0.9.10 if we're sidetracked by some unforeseen issues. Let's see.

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