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Running gosh without installing

Recently I wrote some test scripts in Gauche for a project that didn't use Gauche in particular. I could've kicked get-gauche script during make check to install Gauche locally as needed, but that seemed a bit of overkill, especially it was just for small test scripts.

Then I thought, well, I already have a Docker image. If I can feed a local script to it...

So here it is. I included in a Docker image a small script gosh-script, which chdirs into /home/app and run gosh. If you mount local cwd on /home/app, the scripts, libraries and data in it are all visible to gosh in the Docker:

docker run --rm -ti -v `pwd`:/home/app practicalscheme/gauche gosh-script TEST-SCRIPT

Or, you can use script.

You can't acceses local resources other than the filesystem below the current directory, and you can't use extra libraries. But for the simple tasks this is enough.

See README in Gauche-docker-image for the details.

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