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Meisner Intensive 5回目

Emotional preparationについて。

  • Prepare for an emotional state at the beginning moment of the scene. Once the scene opens, you can react to the elements in the scene and emotions will come. But the initial emotion, the initial state, you have to prepare it and carry it into the scene.
  • From now on, throughout your acting career, you must always carry something into a scene.
  • Emotional preparation should be something personal. You don't need to tell it to anybody. Explore something you don't dare to tell others. The more personal it is, the stronger the emotion can be.
  • For the sake of exercise, any emotion is fine. It doesn't need to match the partner's emotion; if you come in with joy, and the partner is in sad mood, there's a conflict, and you can react to it. Having conflict is a good thing.
  • However, watch out emotions such as boredom or sadness, which draws you down. It tend to make you take easier path---no unexpected change of emotions, for example. If there are choices, always choose more difficult one.
  • To prepare emotion: Method actors would use Affective Memory---drawing emotions you actually felt from your past experience. For Meisner actors, you can make it up! As long as it is believable to you.

Independent activityについての注意

  • A typical pitfall: When you focus on your activity you tend to lose urgency. Then emotion won't come. Set a believable consequence if you fail. And always remind yourself of the time pressure.


  • Repetition
  • Independent activity

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