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SAG Conservatory Class

最近、プログラミング業が立て込んできてて演技方面がおろそかなので勘を養うためにSAG Conservatory Classに行ってきた。メモ。

  • Theme: How to jump into the imaginary world of the story.
  • Read a scene as a story. That automatically affects you.
    • How do you know you're really reading? Try to summarize the scene in once sentence from the character's POV. If you can do it, you get the story.
  • Your body and mind is your instrument. Tune it. Right tuning makes harmony, which creates inspiration.
  • Importance of doing. Doing always looks real.
    • Mere "looking" and "listening" can be doing, as long as you really look and listen (as opposed to pretending to look / listen).
    • Use real world as a spring board to the imaginary world. ("Available stimulus")
    • From script - look for all action words. Build a sequence of actions and rehearse it.
  • Stanislavsky's tool: Who, where, when, what and why.
    • Shorthand to anchor you on the set, away from distractions.
    • Describe so that it generates images. Images stimulate imagination.
    • Identify character's moral, beliefs and what he wants out of his life.
  • Theater games
    • Believability (mix truth and imagination)
    • Space jump (imagine, commit, communicate)
    • Count 21 (listen, focus, ensemble)

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