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最も好意的な評を寄せてくれたのは Honolulu Weekly

Kumu Kahua's Another Heaven is a sharp and compelling retelling of Hawai`i's first lynching.

... This is not just another historical Hawai`i drama with nasty haoles.

... Another Heaven is crisply directed, full of sharp, compelling dialogue, with riveting acting throughout. The actors, in fact, are outstanding.

Starbulletinは 手放しで褒めてるわけじゃないが、ポイントは押さえてくれたもよう。

[Playwright] Anderson and director Sammie Choy wisely avoid presenting "Another Heaven" as an exercise in simplistic agitprop theater.

一方、Honolulu Advertiserは手厳しい。

'Heaven' lacks core strength in play about Island lynching.

The unfortunate thing about Eric Anderson's "Another Heaven" is that its potentially most interesting character [Goto] is relegated to a minor supporting role. ...

... There are no villains of stature among them, nor any heroes of the common man.

もっとも、villain vs heroという提示を敢えて避けたこと、 殺されたGoto本人を主役に据えるのではなくその周囲の人々の群像劇にしたこと、 というのがそもそもこの芝居のポイントなわけで、 そこを批判されてもなんだかなあという気はする。

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