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Erik NaggumとTom Lord

comp.lang.lisp名物の毒舌Lisper、Erik Naggum (Erik on C++Erik on Perl)の insightfulなポストを集めた記事があった: Lisp Usenet Classics。 メモリ管理のテクニックとか興味深い。 あと、随所に散りばめられる鋭い言説。

the hardest part for a programmer used to C and C++ and that crap is to shed the _invalid_ concerns. psychologists call them "obsessions" and charge people a lot to get rid of them. some programmers charge their users a lot to be able to keep them. go figure.


the C mind-set is that C is fast. this is even less true than their idea that CL is slow. writing really fast C code is _incredibly_ hard, ...

if you can't outperform C in CL, you're too good at C.


comp.lang.scheme名物のTom Lord。Guileから外れたあとPika Schemeってのを 作ってたと思ったんだが、なんかXMLベースの言語も作ってたらしい: The XQVM Programming Language and Doc-Soup Messaging。 見た目は気持ち悪いけど、セマンティクスは筋が良いっぽい。 しかし言語の人気は人間と同じで見た目にも左右されるからなあ…

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