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Meisner intensive 2回目の5

4/5日分。今回はindependent activityとemotional preparationにフォーカス。

  • Independent activity
    • Don't fake doing. If the character is supposed to clean the table in the scene, then commit to clean the table, and say your line, reacting. You can see so many actors just pretend to clean. Meisner actors really clean the table.
    • Independent activity is to train yourself to be able to do the activity and to react simultaneously.
    • During the exercise, do not push emotion. Do not suppress it either. Just let it happen.
  • Emotional preparation
    • It is not only an exercise but a useful tool for real acting.
    • Prepare yourself so that you can go in to the emotional state in 10 or 20 seconds; directors won't be happy if you take 15 minutes before each scene.
  • The moment before
    • This is not a Meisner technique, but it can be combined with emotional preparation.
    • "The moment before": Think about what happened 3 seconds before the scene opens. It's better if the event increases obstacle for your character. Do emotional preparation, think the moment before, and you're ready for the scene.

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