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Things I wish I had been told in theatre school



  • Directors, casting agents, and producers care as much about how easy you will be to work with as they do about how good you are for the role. If not more so.
  • Ninety percent of casting decisions have nothing to do with how you perform in your audition.
  • Most of the time, when you don’t get the part, it’s not because you suck, but because of some other (probably superficial) reason altogether. Unless you suck.

これは就職面接でも同じだと思う。ランダムな要素があまりに多いので、落ちた場合にいちいち理由を推測して思い悩むのは無駄 (cf. 結果を待つ間)。もちろん必要とされるスキルは磨かないとならないけど、それは普段からやっておくもので、「面接のために」やる作業ではない。


  • Don’t do everything. Seriously. Know when to turn something down. And believe me, you’ll know.
  • It’s not unreasonable to expect to be paid for your work. And you should be. But you won’t always be. So when you do work for free, which will be a lot, make sure it’s work that you’re passionate about or will really be a career booster. And honestly, it should be both.
  • No matter how big of a star you were in school, out here, you are just a part of a team. So act like it. And give credit where credit is due at every opportunity.
  • Acting is actually easier than you want to believe it is. And more people can actually do it than you want to believe. And most people behind the scenes work harder than you do. So don’t be a diva.


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