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Meisner intensive 2回目の4


  • Acting evolves
    • There can never be a fixed "Method" or "System".
    • Technology advancement, new media, etc. E.g. Acting for interactive entertainment differs from film acting.
  • Repetition is the foundation
    • Stripping away precognitions
    • Do not plan ahead - it's the key (remember story building exercise).
  • Emotional preparation
    • It is for the first few moments of the scene. It's to bring something into the scene. Once you are in, you can react to whatever hits you.
    • You can use real experience, or you can make up one (fantasy), or mix them---as far as it makes you feel strong emotion, it's ok. (This is the stark difference between Meisner and Method; in Method, you draw the emotion from your real experience.)
    • If you use imagination, really use it. Imagine all the details to the point that it is believable to you. A vague concept doesn't work.
    • Do not try to show the emotion. Almost by definition, if you are conscious of showing it, you are not fully feeling it.

エクササイズはindependent activityとemotional preparation。

用意していったindependent activityにダメ出しされた。 「失敗したら本当にまずいことになる」という わかりやすいシチュエーションにした方が良いとのこと。

Imaginationを拡げる練習: Daydreamせよ。例:今、$3M手に入って、 これを使わなければならないとしたら (投資、後に残るものの購入、 寄付、貯金はだめ)、何に使いたい? 自分が本気で信じられるくらい、 具体的定量的に妄想せよ。 ($3M具体的に使い切るのは案外難しい。投資になっちゃう。)

印象に残ったquote: "Text is like a canoe, and emotion is a river."

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