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Meisner Intensive 4回目

  • Use your hunch. Don't analyze like "why I saw sadness? It was maybe the reflection in his eyes...." If you feel it, just react to it.
  • Things often goes wrong in scenes. It's a good thing. It's an opportunity. React to it.
  • The weakness of Meisner technique---if you have nothing to react, e.g. the other actors don't give you anything, then you can't do anything. Because any action you do must be triggered by something else. Here another technique, such as Method, comes handy.
  • On the other hand, if you, as an actor, can give something to other actors to react, you will be remembered. Even if your role is just in one scene with five lines. If you give, it makes other actors and directors a lot easier to work, and they remember.
  • The importance of doing is that it is real. It's not showing. If you're faking something, it looks faking. Maybe not on stage, but it sure does on camera.


  • Three moments - repetition.
  • Independent activity.

来週はemotional preparationもやる。ネタを考えておく。

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